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Free shipping for orders over 300$

71 x 74 - Escape Hookless white on white shower curtain with replaceable liner and translucent window. Polyester shower curtain

SKU 236-ESC7174WW-1

The increased efficiency to install and remove an Original Hookless® shower curtain saves housekeeping labor, time and costs while maintain your guests’ bathrooms. Installing and removing a traditional shower curtains takes an estimated 10 minutes per room. Hookless® curtains take seconds to perform the same function – a savings of 8 minutes per hotel room. This labor time savings is estimated at $17 per room. The costs savings is an estimated $3,400 per year (based on a 200 room hotel property.)

It’s A Snap!® polyester liners with magnets also increase the efficiency and easy of installing or removing each replacement liner during regular wash and care. It’s A Snap!® polyester liners with magnets give housekeepers the ability to launder without the need to remove the entire shower curtain.

  • Found in many luxurious hotels around the world
  • 100% polyester Hookless® shower curtain
  • Chrome raised Flex-On® rings
  • Coordinating poly-voile translucent window
  • Coordinating satin ribbon trim
  • Includes It’s A Snap!® replaceable liner
  • It’s A Snap!® liner features ultrasonic bottom cut to prevent mildew buildup and weighted corner magnets

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