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Free continental USA shipping for orders over 1000$

Gold Rush. Abstract hotel painting -100% handmade oil canvas. Ready to hang by Joe Cannon

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SKU 233-OPT0021

100% handmade oil canvas

Name: Miracle

·SKU #: 233-OPT0021

·Description:Abstract painting - 100% handmade oil canvas.Heavy textured.

·Size: 20" x 20" (50cm x 50cm)

·Style: Abstract painting - 100% handmade oil canvas. Heavy textured.

·Subject: Abstract

·Packaging: Ready to hang. Gallery wrapped (stretched and wrapped over the 1.5" heavy duty side-panels). Delivered to you ready to hang without any framing.

·Artist: Joe Cannon

·Introduction: This is a wonderful colorful painting used only highest quality Winsor & Newton art materials, and painted on acid free gallery museum quality canvas. It's not an identical copy. It's a recreation of an old subject. This recreation will have texture unique just to this painting, a fingerprint that can never be repeated. This recreation will look similar but will have different texture, each knife stroke is unique and impossible to repeat. Each paintings one of a kind. The recreation has a very high gallery value of thousands of dollars just like the first originally created painting. Investing into recreations is worthwhile just like investing into original work.

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