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Free shipping for orders over 300$

Hotel Wholesale Body wash. Bodyography collection. 288 Items Pack, cost per item 0.39$

SKU 476-BD288-3

A handmade collection of skincare & mineral-based formulas. Bodyography® formulas create a luxurious experience infused with lifelong skincare benefits that both rejuvenate and revitalize skin to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Weight and volumes

(other products in this line are)

  1. Shampoo - 1.41oz/40ml
  2. Conditioner - 1.41oz/40ml 
  3. Body Wash - 1.41oz/40ml
  4. Body Lotion - 1.41oz/40ml
  5. Cleansing Bar (Facial Soap) - 30g
  6. Body Bar (Body Soap) - 42g

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