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Free continental USA shipping for orders over 1000$

Hotel lotion. Eco botanics collection. 085 oz/25ml. 300 items pack, 0.33 USD per item

SKU 348-EB07

The beautiful Eco Botanics line of amenities, enriched with organic olive oil, brings a fresh feel to each guestroom. This collection features salon-quality formulations that are gentle on the skin and hair.

The moisturizing body bars and cleansing bars are vegetable-based and have refreshing chamomile and honey fragrance. All liquids and soaps are paraben-free and gluten-free.

Eco Botanics, a part of the EcoWell Health and Wellbeing group, is a perfect earth-conscious choice

Weights (also check other items from Eco Botanics collection)  

  1. Shampoo - 1oz/30ml
  2. Conditioner - 1oz/30ml 
  3. Body Wash - 1oz/30ml
  4. Body Lotion - 1oz/30ml
  5. Cleansing Bar (Facial Soap) - 14g/#75
  6. Body Bar (Body Soap) - 42g/#150

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