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Free continental USA shipping for orders over 50$

Hotel facial soap. H20 Earth-conscious collection, #100 sachet. 500 items pack, 0.22 USD per item

SKU 348-h20-12

The earth-conscious H2O Therapy collection is created with natural and organic ingredients and a light botanical fragrance. Our salon-quality formulations are made with olive oil, organic honey and pure aloe vera. From oceanfront properties to mountain retreats to luxury resorts across the country, the H2O Therapy line of amenities brings a tasteful and welcoming atmosphere to each room.

Weights (also check other items from H2O collection)  

  1. Shampoo - 1oz/36ml
  2. Conditioner - 1oz/36ml 
  3. Body Wash - 1oz/36ml
  4. Body Lotion - 1oz/36ml
  5. Cleansing Bar (Facial Soap) - #75
  6. Cleansing Bar (Facial Soap) - #100
  7. Body Bar (Body Soap) - 42g
  8. Body Bar (Body Soap) - #150

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