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Free continental USA shipping for orders over 1000$

Hotel body lotion. Pure collection, 1.18 oz/35ml. bottle 240 items pack

SKU 452-PURE03
Pure Collection | 

Pure was developed with the ecology in mind. This naturally created collection has surged, boasting the widest array of products which are not only healthy for the skin, but also for the environment. The containers are made with 100% recyclable products. The printing ink is made with tints derived from soy and a formula which is preservative and paraben free. Those hotels committed to conserving the environment, will be able to show their dedication through these products which help to conserve the planet.

From oceanfront properties to mountain retreats to luxury resorts across the country, the PURE collection line of amenities brings a tasteful and welcoming atmosphere to each room.

Weights (also check other items from Leaves collection)  

  1. Shampoo - 1.18 oz/35ml
  2. Conditioner - 1.18 oz/35ml
  3. Body Wash - 1.18 oz/35ml
  4. Body Lotion - 1.18 oz/35ml
  5. Cleansing Bar (Facial Soap) - 25g
  6. Body Bar (Body Soap) - 40g

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